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Sustainability Fund

For over 20 years the ATTA’s mission has been to empower the global travel community to preserve natural and cultural heritage while creating economic value for the industry. Guided by the principle of “leading by example” the ATTA has engaged and been the protagonist of several initiatives, focusing on Conservation, Climate Action, Women and Youth in Leadership, and Eliminating Single-Use Plastic.

In 2016, the ATTA partnered with other leaders from the adventure travel industry to start the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF), a nonprofit that provides funding, connections, and an international spotlight on projects that protect the cultural and natural resources that underpin the adventure tourism industry.

Since 2020, with the creation of Tomorrow´s Air, the ATTA has been leading by example in supporting tangible climate action. Tomorrow’s Air is the first travel industry initiative promoting climate-conscious travel education and driving funding to the necessary climate innovations of carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel.  

In 2024, taking its commitment to sustainability further, the ATTA will establish a Sustainability Fund to advance carbon reduction efforts alongside an ongoing commitment to climate education and innovation through Tomorrow’s Air and our support to nature-based conservation projects through the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF). 

The Sustainability Fund will be supported by contributions coming from ATTA´s events and projects worldwide. We will work closely with our partner and destinations to reduce event emissions setting a goal of 5% to 10% reduction in our per delegate emissions in the first year.

The Sustainability Fund will support the implementation of reduction actions including:

Carbon measurement and education on ATTA activities
Education and training through Tomorrow’s Air
CO2 reductions through sustainable aviation fuel and removals via Tomorrow's Air
Nature-based conservation projects through the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF)

The Sustainability Fund will abide by the following guidelines:


The main objectives of the Sustainability Fund are to enable a year-over-year reduction in ATTA per-event delegate emissions and fund real change nature conservation projects across the globe.


The funding from the Sustainability Fund will come from the ATTA event and projects.


The Sustainability Fund will begin in 2024. We will learn by doing. We will report activities every 12 months and provide updates in our policy and guidelines. The funding allocation based on the main reduction actions stated above will be defined on a yearly basis and shared publicly.